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About us:

DEGAS a Swiss design brand watch and top the professional Japanese made maintains a romantic atmosphere. By merging the culture of simple and fashion, Degas will not be blocked by limitations on showing our vitality.


In our normal but surging design, we provide romantic, simple and fashionable senses all in one for consumers. Degas manufacture watches precisely with passion and perfection to make a bold breakthrough product with details and simple style and show individuality.


Time is like a classic romantic art, remind us of all lost or gain once every minute and second. In such simple and direct way to encourage us not to give up and keep moving. Just like time itself.

Degas Japan. All Rights Reserved. © 2017


Pride of Made in Japan, Swiss soul of the best design of craftsmanship High performance automatic watch.



Fujisoft Akihabara Building 12F,

Neribei-cho 3, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku,

TOKYO, JAPAN 101-0022

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